Tohru Honda [too-lu]

Sheltered by Shigure after her mother died, Tohru soon learns about the Soma family?s hidden secret. Tohru is kind and a little naive, but above all this, by listening to people, understanding them and by saying the exact things they need to hear, not only is she able to make them feel better, but also to help them heal. And this aspect of her personality will help many cursed Somas.

Yuki Soma [you-ki]

Possessed by the spirit of the Rat, ?Prince Yuki? is a mysterious and beautiful boy. He has had a hard time socializing with other people at the beginning of the story. He gets much more self-confident as the story progresses, thanks to Tohru and Haru?s moral support. He is now the Head of the Student Council.

Kyo Soma [kyou]

In spite of his often aggressive attitude and his foul temper, Kyo is actually a kind, but very blundering boy. He just has a hard time dealing with others. Kyo too transforms. He is the Cat, which was left out of the Chinese Zodiac. His mother committed suicide when he was a child, and from then on Kazuma Soma, his foster father and teacher, took over his education.

Shiguré Soma

Shigure is a novelist. Yuki, Tohru and Kyo all live at his place in Kantô. He is one of the rare cursed Somas to be living outside the Main House. Possessed by the spirit of the Dog, Shigure is a laid-back and fun-loving guy. He can also be quite manipulative, even towards his friends.

Hatori Soma

Hatori Soma is the Juunishi Dragon, and the Soma clan's doctor (most especially Akito?s). His closest friends are Ayame and Shigure (the three of them form the ?Mabudachi Trio?). Hatori is partially blind in one eye, due to Akito?s wrath. Also, Hatori has the ability to erase other people?s memories.

Ayame Soma

Ayame is Yuki?s older brother. Very loud and eccentric, he is Yuki?s total opposite. Together with his assistant Mine, he runs a shop in the Tokyo suburbs. He never cared about his brother until recently, and now wishes to make up for his past behaviour (which often leads him to be very intrusive). Because of his extreme charisma, he is Ritsu?s superstar.

Kureno Soma

Kureno is Akito?s personal assistant. Kureno works under very strict conditions and therefore seldom goes out of the Soma?s Main House. Other Juunishi members hardly know him, as they are not allowed to meet him (the reason for which is explained later in the story?).

Ritsu Soma

Ritsu is cursed with the Juunishi spirit of the monkey, and has an inferiority complex. Because it makes him feel more self-confident and safe, he has the habit of wearing women?s clothing. Ritsu?s constantly apologising, and he admires Ayame. Ritsu?s mother is the keeper of the Soma?s onsen.

Rin Soma

Possessed by the spirit of the horse, Rin is a very nervous and anxious person, which might be explained by an unhappy childhood. She?s been living at Kagura?s place since she was 10 years-old. Rin is trying to find a way to break the curse, for the sake of Haru, whom she loves.

Haru Soma

Hatsuharu is two sides of a coin. He is normally very calm and easygoing (he is the Juunishi ox), but when he looses his temper, his ?black side? emerges and he can get extremely violent. He likes to fight with Kyo. He is very fond of Yuki and Kisa, and is very protective of them.

Kagura Soma

Kagura is the Juunishi?s boar, and has a lot of mood swings. Very sweet and shy, she can also be impulsive and explosive. She is very devoted to Kyo. Just like Ayame, Kagura can be very intrusive. Although Rin lives at her place, the two girls do not share any close relationship.

Momiji Soma [mo-mi-dji]

The rabbit of the Juunishi. His mother never accepted his curse and had her memory erased when Momiji was a small child. From then on, Momiji had to watch his family from afar and never talked to his younger sister Momo. He is very endearing and cute, and very cheerful. Momiji loves to play violin, he also likes Tohru a lot.

Hiro Soma

Hiro is the lamb of the Juunishi. He is seemingly cynical and stubborn, condescending, sarcastic. But in fact Hiro simply feels bitter about being a child who?s yet to grow up. He is very concerned about Kisa. Hiro is also one of Rin?s rare confidants.

Kisa Soma

Kisa is possessed by the spirit of the Tiger. Because of the color of her hair, she often was bullied by other kids at school. Tohru helped her heal her wounds. Since then, Kisa calls her Onee-San (which drives Hiro mad with jealousy)

Akito Soma

Akito is the head of the Soma family. He is God to the Juunishi and therefore does not have any particular zodiacal form. Akito is very possessive and quick-tempered. Most of the Juunishi members fear Akito, especially Yuki (having been Akito?s toy as a child) and Rin.


Very little is known about Ren, aside from the fact that she lives in a far-end place in the Soma Main House. In the manga, Ren first appears in chapter 75. It looks as though Ren might play a very crucial role in the story development.

Uotani Arisa

Arisa, addressed as Uo-chan by Tohru, is one of Tohru?s best friends. Tohru?s mother, Kyoko, persuaded her to give up her life in the gang of yankees she was part of. Thanks to that, Arisa could get in touch with her dad again. She?s very fond of Kyo, as their personalities are very similar.

Saki Hanajima

Saki is another good friend of Tohru?s. For some reason, Saki is able to sense other people?s thoughts and to control waves, thanks to a power called ?denpa?. This led to a lot of problems for her as a child (even now, some people still call her a witch). Saki is very fond and very protective of Tohru.

Kyoko Honda

Kyoko died even before the story started, yet she is omnipresent in Fruits Basket (mainly through flash-backs). Kyoko is Tohru?s mother. She used to be the head of an all-girls gang, in which she was referred to as ?the Red Butterfly?.

Katsuya Honda [kat-sou-ya]

Katsuya, Tohru?s dad, passed away many years ago. He was a young teacher when he met Kyoko at school when she was a student. Defying all moral values, they fell in love with each other and got married.

Manabe Kakeru

He is Machi?s step-brother. Manabe is the Student Council?s Vice President. He is a very outgoing kind of person, and while he is one of the rare people able to make Yuki?s blood boil, he can also be considered his best friend. His usual exuberance can be, at times, replaced by long periods of drowsiness.


Kimi is also part of the Student Council. She is a very flirtatious girl. She likes to tease Yuki?s fan-club, to torment Machi and to discuss sex matters with boys. By doing so, Kimi actually diverts the Fan Club?s attention off the Yuki-Tohru pairing.

Machi [mat-chi]

Machi is Manabe?s step-sister, and the Student Council?s accountant. Very shy and introverted, because of family issues, she sometimes goes into fits of temper that leave total chaos behind. She seems to be romantically interested in Yuki.


Naohito is FB?s least appealing character (lol). He?s very stern and humourless, and very engrossed in his work with the Council. He moans all the time. Nao is Manabe?s favorite scapegoat.

Kazuma Soma

Kazuma is Kyo?s foster father. He runs a dojo (he is a martial arts teacher) and cares a lot for his son. His gentle and understanding temperament makes him the perfect father figure. Kazuma is very fond of Tohru and is well-aware of her positive influence on Kyo.

Megumi Hanajima

Megumi is Saki?s younger brother. Just like his sister, he has inherited the denpa. Megumi and Saki are suspected to be able to read each other?s minds. Megumi likes to dress in black, to peep at Uo when she wears mini-skirts, and scare people (which is why his class mates won?t torment him).

Also featured in the manga
: Tohru?s granddad, Mine (Ayame?s assistant and confidante), Kunnimitsu (Kazuma?s assistant), Mayuko (Tohru?s teacher and friend of the Mabudachi Trio), Kana (Hatori?s ex-girlfriend, friend of Mayuko), Motoko (Head of the Prince Yuki Fan Club), Makoto Takei (former President of the Student Council)? and many more.

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