Fruits Basket?s music is sorted in three different albums and two ?maxi singles? (CDs containing 4 or 5 tracks).

The Drama CDs have been added in this section, although they?re not music CDs per se, but little audio stories played by the seiyuu who voiced the actors in the anime.

The two main ways to purchase these CDs are either buying them on the internet (Amazon, eBay, or japanese animation related websites) or in stores specialized in importation from Japan.

Some of the anime soundtrack can also be downloaded on the Furuba mini Auditorium website.

The first Drama CD initially came as a furoku (free promotional item) with the Hana to Yume magazine. Its distribution was therefore limited to the readers of that magazine. However it looks like Ever Anime Records launched its production again, since the CD now appears on many online music stores in the US. The price is very high though, especially for an item that was free to begin with.
Shiki (4 seasons) - Songs for Ritsuko Okazaki
2001- King records
- CD length : 39:44

Musics by Jun Abe, Masaki Iwamoto, Ritsuko Okazaki

front - back
01. Jokyoku
02. Chiisa na inori
03. Tada nakitakunaruno (instrumental)
04. Serenade
05. For fruits basket (instrumental)
06. Aisubeki myônichi
07. Komorebi
08. Sorairo
09. Chiisa na inori (instrumental)
10. For fruits basket
11. Shûkyoku
Fruits Basket - Memory for you (OST)
2001 - King Records - ref : [KICA - 562]
- CD length : 46:41

Opinion : This is the complete anime OST, featuring 28 tracks, among which the opening and ending songs. Included are all the character themes and the instrumental version of the ?Teru Teru Momiji? song.

front - back
01. For fruits basket
02. Memory - for you -
03. Secret
04. Solitude
05. Both styles
06. I'm drummer
07. Memory - in daily life -
08. On the stage
09. I'mchin-don-ya
10. Going my own way
11. I'm fairy
12. Psycho-doctor
13. Mysterious family
14. Memory - at home -
15. Theme for the landlady
16. Theme for the landlady (hard)
17. I'm hardworking fellow
18. Black-and-white (normal)
19. Black-and-white (hard)
20. Teru-teru-momiji
21. Mogeta no uta (instrumental)
22. Memory - on vacation -
23. A hot-blooded man
24. So gorgeous
25. Forward-looking attitude
26. Reason of quibble
27. Fruits Basket
28. Chiisa na inori
Fruits Basket - Single Vocal Album
2001 - Ever Anime - ref : [A8-1523]
- CD length : 73:18

Opinion : This CD is a mix up of the first CD (song for Ritsuko Okazaki) and of the two maxi-singles, although these last three are official version that supports the creators and singers, while this version is a bootleg. The authors won't receive any of the money you spend on this album. Support the original creators and buy the official versions!
01. For Fruits Basket
02. Chiisa na Inori
03. For Fruits Basket (Yui Horie version)
04. Chiisa na Inori (Yui Horie version)
05. Serenade
06. Aisubeki Ashita (Fruits Basket version)
07. Sorairo
08. For Fruits Basket OP (TV Edit)
09. Chiisana Inori ED (TV Edit)
10. For Fruits Basket (Orchestra version)
11. Chiisa na Inori (Orchestra version)
12. Tada Nakitaku Naru No (Orchestra version)
13. Komorebi (Interlude)
14. For Fruits Basket (Off Vocal)
15. Chiisa na Inori (Off Vocal)
16. Serenade (Instrumental)
17. Aisubeki Ashita (Fruits Baket version) (Instrumental)
18. Sorairo (Instrumental)
19. Jokyoku (Overture)
20. Shuukyoku (Epilogue)
For Fruits Basket - Chiisa na Inori
ref : [KICM - 3014]

Opinion : This maxi single contains 4 tracks : 2 versions of the opening song ?For Fruits Basket? and 2 versions of the ending song ?Chiisana Inori? (small prayer).

The first version is vocal, the second one is instrumental. Vocal tracks are sung by Ritsuko Okazaki.
01. For Fruits Basket
02. Chiisa na Inori
03. For Fruits Basket (instrumental)
04. Chiisa na Inori (instrumental)

Kaze Iro - Song for Yui Horie
ref : [KICM-3022]

Opinion : This maxi single contains 5 tracks : three instrumental ones and two vocal ones (sung by Yui Horie, the seiyuu who voiced Tohru in the anime).

01. For Fruits Basket
02. Serenade (instrumental)
03. Aisubeki Ashita (instrumental)
04. Sorairo (instrumental)
05. Chiisa na Inori
Fruits Basket - Drama CD
1999 - Ever Anime

Opinion : this is not a music CD, but little audio stories told and played by the seiyuu (in Japanese). There are 4 chapters, and small dialogue between each chapter.

An English translation of the dialogues can be found at
Random Fandom
Cast :

Tohru : Konishi Hiroko
Kyo : Seki Tomokazau
Yuki : Hisakawa Aya
Shiguré : Shigure Okiayu Ryuutarou
Ayame : Koyasu Takehito
Momiji : Nagasawa Miki
Hatsuharu : Suyama Akio
Kagura : Shiratori Yuri
Saki : Minaguchi Yuuko

Story :

Momiji talk Yuki, Kyo, Tohru, Kagura and Haru into preparing a ?Nagashi Soumen? (a bamboo slide in which noodles are sent down to the bottom for everyone to eat)
Fruits Basket - Drama CD
2005 - Ever Anime

Opinion : This is Fruits Basket?s second Drama CD. Only 4 of the tracks on that CD are related to Fruits Basket, the other ones concern other Hana to Yume series. The seiyuu voices heard in the CD are mostly those of the Student Council, plus Yuki and Motoko who are voiced by the same seiyuu as in the anime.

Tohru : Horie Yui
Yuki : Hisakawa Aya
Kyo : Seki Tomokazu
Shigure : Okiayu Ryuutaro
Saki : Yasuhara Reiko
Arisa : Imai Yuka
Kakeru : Suzumura Kenichi
Naohito : Fukuyama Shun
Machi : Kaida Yuki
Kimi : Tamura Yukari
Motoko : Toyoguchi Megumi
Minami : Asano Harumi

- download the 4 Fruits Basket tracks here (size 25 mo)

(winrar needed to unzip the file)

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